Amanda Nichol for North Vancouver City Councillor



Density and Development

Responsible growth and development - benefitting the community, respecting and balancing the surrounding community and the current Official Community Plan.

How much time do you spend in traffic every week? We need a comprehensive traffic management plan developed in conjunction with our surrounding municipal partners.

I want to make sure that our quality of life is not compromised to make a dollar. Over the last few years it seems that council has been approving bonuses on one development after another. There needs to be fiscal responsibility and sustainability for our community. What will our future Council do to build and maintain infrastructure and public facilities if we have historically relied on selling density to do this? What is the long term vision for our children’s future when we run out of land to sell? Some land needs to be retained for parks, green space, community uses and for future generations to decide how to use. Increasing density may be one of the ways that a lot of young families will be able to afford to live and/or move to the North Shore but it needs to be done responsibly. I think City Council has a fiscal responsibility to look for other solutions and options when it comes to funding the current and potential new infrastructure.

School Lands/Public Lands

Let's keep public lands public, rather than selling them off to developers for the highest density of residential the neighbours will tolerate. Selling off valuable community assets is not beneficial in the long term and is not sustainable. How will future generations deal with seismic upgrades, renovations, replacements and funding deficits when they don't have these valuable assets?

We need to PRESERVE and increase our public open space.

Fiscal/Financial Responsibility

We need a plan to fund the rebuild or renovation of the Harry Jerome Community/Recreation Centre.

As a community, we have a responsibility to plan for maintaining our existing structures and infrastructure BEFORE we start embarking on a new $30M+ initiative as proposed in the Roger Brooks report commissioned by the City.

I support increased cooperation with the District to ensure efficient management of our services. We can cooperate and still be independent.

Environmental Initiatives

We must encourage the use of more community gardens, green roofs, innovative water management strategies, solar panels and other GHG reducing power/heating alternatives in existing buildings and in all new developments. Utilize renewable energy resources within the development of new public spaces whenever possible and encourage new development to do the same. Encourage multi-functional use spaces for new developments (public or otherwise) and promote buildings that will naturally have a longer life cycle.

Let's ensure that we maintain sustainable, affordable recreation programs, both indoors and out, and including facilities, for our children and families.

Campaign Donations

I will respect the council resolution of November 4, 2013 and will not be accepting any campaign donations from unions or large developers.
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