Amanda Nichol for North Vancouver City Councillor


NOVEMBER 15th, 2014
Living and working in North Vancouver for over 13 years, Amanda and her husband Ross have chosen to raise their two boys, 4 and 7 years old, right here in this emerald jewel. Amanda will bring a fresh perspective and a new energy to council.

Already deeply involved in many aspects of political life in the City of North Vancouver,
she has been in attendance at all council meetings since 2011 (over 120), many public hearings and information sessions, consultations and most importantly, City Shaping workshops and events leading up to and including the OCP. She currently chairs the CNV Parks & Environment Advisory Committee. Amanda is a passionate community advocate.

In terms of community planning,
Amanda believes that our community can benefit even more from the explosive growth we are experiencing. Smart growth needs to be balanced and respectful of established community plans and consider MEANINGFUL community consultation. Exceptions need to be just that, not a usual weekly occurrence.

As the operator of a small business, and an exercise physiologist,
Amanda understands the need for financial responsibility; delivering excellent services within a balanced budget.

Amanda is committed to
a less divisive decision-making process with more discussion and compromise, and a cohesive approach to matters affecting us all.

Bullet a common-sense voice striving to improve the quality of life for all residents of North Vancouver
Bullet renewing our community, recreation, and culture facilities
Bullet preserving and increasing public open space
Bullet someone who is informed; has a sense of fairness, and who listens to all facets of an issue before coming to a conclusion
Bullet young families aspiring to raise their families in the City of North Vancouver
Bullet a voice representing the residents of our community and championing meaningful community consultation
Bullet increased transparency and accountability
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